WISDOM Mining Lamps - Light from China

( Nov 16, 2021)

Edited By David Peng

NEW WISDOM INVESTMENT LIMITED (hereinafter "WISDOM®") is a national high-tech enterprise which focuses on brand, R&D, sales, production and supply chain. Its main product are safe and rechargeable LED lamps, correspondingly equipped with USB adapter, individual charger and charging rack. As safe products, WISDOM has passed certificates of anti-explosion, electrical product safety and material safety, such as MSHA, ATEX, IECEx, CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, Reach etc. Production quality control strictly adheres to ISO9001 standards.
In the underground mines, dark as night, the environment is always hard and extreme, a bright, reliable and safe lighting is more important than anything. With its unmatched brightness, stable performance and superior quality, WISDOM has become the favorite of many miners. The products use CREE® LED light source and Panasonic® # 18650 lithium ion battery ensuring the stability and continuity of light; The shell adopts Bayer bulletproof PC, and the mold design strengthens the hardness of the housing and lessens internal stress allowing for impact resistance suitable for the demands of any underground mine environment; The lamps have passed the IP68 certificate, the maximum degree of protection against dust and water, adapting to the humidity of the mine.
WISDOM products are divided into two series, wired and wireless, each with its own advantages to meet the diverse needs of customers. The corded lamp has made many innovations and improvements based on traditional design, and has optimized and improved battery performance, light intensity and range, water resistance and robustness, which far exceeds the Inherent performance of traditional corded miner's lamp. A single charge can cost 28,000. It works for 13 hours under Lux lighting.
Compared to traditional corded lights, the All-in-one integrates rechargeable batteries and electronic circuitry. It has a unique appearance and is lightweight and portable. It is a unique product that Wisdom has contributed to the industrial field, especially the underground mining field. The cordless lamp integrates many proprietary designs, and the larger and deeper reflector design greatly increases the light output. While ensuring a good lighting angle and brightness, it also reduces battery power loss. In addition, the wireless lamp uses an external magnetic charging interface, which is made up of iron sheets and gold-plated brass conductive contacts. The magnetic USB charging cable is magnetically attracted to the charging contacts. Compared with the traditional charging interface, this is a better design, because it can achieve dust and water resistance.
WISDOM attaches great importance to product quality and always puts safety first. All products put on the market have undergone a series of strict reliability tests, such as waterproof test, 2 meter drop test, button test with 100 times, high and low temperature test(-20℃≤Ta≤60℃), light intensity test, aging test, etc., to ensure user experience and personal life to the fullest extent Safety.
For 19 years of development, WISDOM has been continuously supplying mining lamps to worldwide famous big mines, such as Codelco, Nexa Resources, Anglo American, AngloGold, Antamina, BHP, Buenaventura, etc, the annual supply has reached 150,000 units. Obviously, the name WISDOM has been synonymous with internationality and worldwide presence in the LED cap Lamp industry. This light from China is shining every corner of the world!