New Wisdom Investment Limited

Protect Customer's Rights

Current Situation
It is a common view that counterfeit products are evildoing which could be a great hazard to consumer rights. As the world's miner lamp manufacturer, WISDOM found many Chinese factories counterfeit under WISDOM brand. Not only it brings very bad effect on our brand, but also it put world's mining companies into great danger.

Our Attitude
As industry's leading brand, WISDOM have great responsibility to fight against brand violation. We will try our best to protect our customers' rights, eliminate safety threat to the world. Once discovered, we will suit each single case without tolerance. By working with government and custom, we will fight against production and selling of counterfeits effectively.

Ongoing Progress
We have built up a professional lawyer team to fight against crimes of manufacturing or selling fake commodities all over the world. We also work together with our customers to protect our common benefits. If you have encounter with this kind of situations, you are welcome to contact our lawyer teams at any time.

Advantage of Using Real WISDOM Products

  • Safe
    Real WISDOM product has the certifications of CE, ERP, RoHS, UL, PSE, ATEX, MSHA and passed the IP68 test.
  • Durable
    WISDOM selects materials made by leading companies in the industry and usually chooses those with best quality.
  • High-performance
    WISDOM develops special technics and improves every year to realize the high performance in each product.
  • Reliable
    Real product has the strong backup of a popular brand in cap lamp industry with over 10 years' history and has professional after-sales service.

  • True WISDOM product

    Disadvantage of Using Fake WISDOM Products

  • Hidden danger
    Fake WISDOM product does not have the relative certifications.
  • Easy broken
    Fake WISDOM product is usually made with poor-quality material in order to save cost.
  • Low-performance
    Fake WISDOM product does not have so complete functions that real product has for it is made through ordinary process.
  • Unreliable
    Fake product does not have complete and reliable after-sales service.

  • Fake WISDOM product

    Ways to Protect Customer's Rights:
    1. It is important to specify the brand WISDOM on a miner's lamp purchase order as well as the bill, no matter purchasing through which channels;
    2. Report counterfeit manufacturers to WISDOM with the evidence if unfortunately purchased fake lamps. We will help vigorously to maintain customer's rights;
    3. Learn how to spot a fake WISDOM product by reviewing this page: How to spot a fake and counterfeit