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How to Choose Applicable LED Miner Cap Lamp?

(03 Dec, 2016)

LED mining lamp is a special types of lamps with excellent heat dissipation function and it is often used to the mining industry. LED mining lamp not only has a good lighting effect because of its highly light concentrated, but also very friendly to environment. With the pure light source, it can effectively ensure people's safety under the mine. LED mining cap lamps are widely used in coal, petroleum, chemical and other industries, but less in the home lighting. I’d like to share with you how to choose applicable LED mining lamp as follows.

LED mining cap lamp is a special types of lamps with excellent heat dissipation function

According to the actual demand

If you want buy some miner lamps for petroleum, chemical industries, you should consider not only the requirements of brightness, but also its functions of dust-proof, water-proof, explosion-proof, and so on. It is the most important factor we need to concern on before we buy a miner’s lamp. We can generally have a miner's lamp with a number of authoritative certification as a basis for selection, such as IP68, ATEX, MSHA, CE. Choose ordinary LED lamps may be cheaper prices, but the use of security is not guaranteed, and it will bring us trouble in work. I suggest that we should choose some good quality and well-known brands like WISDOM, NLT, KOEHLER. For an example, WISDOM lights have passed through the IP68, ATEX, MSHA, CE, and other international authoritative certification. What I should emphasize is that be careful not to buy fake mining head lamps. Some of the fake lights in the appearance can be made to same as real lights. But the performance is far worse than the original lamps. Such as WISDOM KL5M with the MSAH certification, has been sell in the market all over the world for many years, and many users are very fond of this lamp, so there are many Chinese and foreign manufacturers have produced fake KL5M sales around the world. However, fake lights are usually cheaper, so please not to covet small cheap.

WISDOM KL5M with the MSAH certification was used under the mine

Cost - effective

High-quality LED mining lamps, manufacturing process in strict accordance with international standards, will not cut corners with the poor means to reduce product costs, so the price may be higher than the general lighting. However, One-time investment to buy high-quality products, not only save the cost of electricity, but also save the second purchase or maintenance replacement costs, while security can be protected. So buying quality and reliable LED mining lamp is cost-effective and a wise choice.

Appropriate power, illuminance and light color

This is particularly critical, LED mining lamp power to be selected according to the actual lighting area, high power consumption will result in a waste of electricity resources, low power is too weak to reach lighting need. In addition, illuminance, light color are also important, warm white light source can create a comfortable environment, and has characteristics of natural color, high light efficiency and long life. But not means that the brighter the better lamp. For an example, the yellow light source with relatively soft light, it is not only less dazzling to people’s eyes, but also with the strongest penetrating power, so it is suitable for an mining environment full of dust and Water vapor.

According to the above several points,I believe you will take a comprehensive consideration when buying LED miner’s lamps. You can also consult WISDOM directly, and WISDOM will be tailored to your needs and recommend the most cost-effective solution。For more information about WISDOM LAMP, please click here!

WISDOM will be tailored to your needs and recommend the most cost-effective solution