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Take Care of Your Mining Cap Lamp

(7 Nov, 2016)

Miner lamp is described as miner’s eye, and it provides light that can ensure the miner can work under the dark mine. Miners certainly hope that each miner lamp can be durable, so they need to concern how to maintain a miner lamp well. Well-maintenance of mining lamps not only can extend the life of the lamp, but also can reduce investment costs.

charging rack maintenance

The first step in maintenance is to clean dust on the surface of the lamps in time. Miners are usually working at a terrible environment which full of dust under mines, so it’s easy to be dirty on the surface of the lamp. If not cleaned in time, dust will enter the interior of the lamp as time passes, and finally impact the normal work of the lamps.

Secondly, when you use the lamp, you can choose to coat it with some protective layer or put on a protective shell, to avoid a corrosive damage or shock. With the protective layer or shell, the lamp can be well protected, and its life can naturally be very long.

Also, we need to pay attention to the charging process for a miner lamp. At the first time you charge for a new style of miner lamp, you must read the specification seriously which will teach how to charge for the lamp by steps to avoid accidents caused by misuse charge. What worth reminding is that each miner lamp is better to use its own brand charging device. It ensures the miner lamp do not damage and not lead to a safety accident. Many Miner lamp brand have equipped with own charging equipment, and sometimes there are many charging rack promotions of some brands. Such as the recent NEW WISDOM sales promotional activities, buying a certain number of miner lamps can enjoy half-price of charging rack, or even with free charging racks.

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