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WISDOM LAMP4, A Fashionable Multi-Purpose Miner Lamp

(Sep 03, 2016)

When talking about miner cap lamp, most of us will remind that it is a kind of light which can be bound on miner’s hardhat for lighting under the mine. However, more and more special functions are developed for miner lamps, with consumers’ demand and technology development. Among these Multi-Purpose lamps, WISDOM Lamp 4 is most excellent. Several fashionable functions of it, which are convenient to our daily life, must be introduced to you as follows.

WISDOM LAMP4, A Fashionable Multi-Purpose Miner cap Lamp

Power bank

WISDOM LAMP 4 can work as a power bank through the optimized design of electronic and software working with its corresponding magnetic USB wire and adaptor, which can charge for iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phone and other equipment. It has achieved a perfect unity of lamp and power bank. As a power bank charging for mobile power, its output voltage is 5.2V. It can achieve intelligent protection, when the lamp lasts no-load for 8s, the mobile power supply can automatically disconnect. Connect with the magnetic USB wire to the lamp and mobile phone and double press the button when it is off, it will enter the mode of power bank. Meanwhile, you can turn on the lamp for lighting.

SOS function

WISDOM LAMP 4 can flash as SOS signal, when it enters the mode of SOS, which makes it possible that the users in danger can be rescued efficiency. It will enter SOS mode if you press the button for 3s when it is off, and it will end SOS mode if you press the button once.

Multiple lenses, suitable for different scenes

Multi-purpose WISDOM LAMP 4 adds optical lens1, lens2, lens4 and lens6 and so on to meet variety lighting ways, to realize the diversified functions use.

Convenient charging way with USB

WISDOM LAMP 4 is designed to magnetic USB charging cable, which makes it possible to charge the LED multi-purpose lamp with the same power adapter with standard USB port of the general mobile phone. Meanwhile, it can also charge with the matched conventional single charger or charge rack, which is a revolutionary in the charging way for miner lamp.