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WISDOM miner’s cap lamp, always has been imitated, but has never been beyond

(Aug 18, 2016)

WISDOM miner’s cap lamp,As the field of miner's lamp No.1, always thought that by many peer manufacturers of imitation, and even some unscrupulous vendors directly to fake our products in the market sales, but our products either quality or reputation, is always the best. WISDOM is committed to build a world famous brand.

WISDOM miner’s cap lamp is committed to build a world famous brand


WISDOM miner’s cap lamp uses the world top brands’ raw material, such as Panasonic batteries. The 18650A we use is the same model battery with the American Tesla Motors; American Top grade CREE led light source is, customized and sealed specially for us; all plastic material is the top raw material imported from Germany Bayer.


WISDOM miner’s cap lamp concerns most about the safety of mining field. Through years’ and achieved research, and development. We have improved in many aspects of brightness, color temperature, penetrating, extremely low failure rate. It greatly changes the experiment of the underground miners, and effectively reduces and prevents safety problems because of fatigue and invisibility, it lays the foundation for safe production, quality assurance, high efficient production.


WISDOM miner’s cap lamp is the only diving cap lamp in the world, which can dive for 20 meters. The USB charging for technology for the miner’s cap lamp was first applied by WISDOM, as well as the first company who extended miner’s cap lamp into the civilian market.


WISDOM have well-equipped with various production and inspection facilities, which rank-top level in the same field, which can make sure that we can transfer ideas to the real products quickly, and continuously improve the products based on existing products. We have passed the most strict and most authoritative international quality certification system. With standard management and perfect service, WISDOM is your best choice.


WISDOM regards reputation as the foundation of cooperation, and always put the customer’s benefit in the first place. We always insist to other best products at a fair price, and warm and thoughtful service, price transparency, full support of after-sale service, to establish long term cooperation relationship with customers.