New Wisdom Investment Limited

WISDOM miner's cap lamps will exhibit in MINExpo2016, 26-28 Sept, 2016

(Sep 24, 2016)

WISDOM will attend the world's largest mining Exhibition—MINEXPO, Las Vegas, 26-28 Sept, 2016. MINEXPO is sponsored by National Mining Association and hosted every four years. This is a rare gathering with many elites of mining field participating in. The Exhibition will show the latest in mining field of mining technology and applications, as well as heralds the future development direction of mining industry in the next few years.

WISDOM miner’s cap lamps will exhibit in MINExpo2016, 26-28 Sept, 2016

The scale of the exhibition is very large. MINExpo2008 exhibition area of 55742 square feet, 1180 exhibitors, 584 international exhibitors, professional audience of 50000 people. MINExpo2012 exhibition area of 93000 square feet, 1385 exhibitors, international exhibitors exceeded 670, registered professional audience of 53720 people. The exhibitors were from the United States, Germany, Italy, Britain, Spain, Japan, China, Turkey and Brazil and other countries. However in this year, MINExpo2016 exhibition area will break through 1000000 square feet, the registered exhibitors will be more than more than 1500, and is expected to develop to nearly more than 750 international exhibitors, registered professional audience of more than 85000 people.

Exhibits include geological exploration equipment, surveying instruments, mine ventilation equipment, lighting equipment, compression separation equipment, support equipment, rescue equipment, safety equipment, communication equipment, mine heavy truck, dump truck, crane and accessories, scrapers, excavators, elevators, drilling rigs, bulldozers, graders roller, mine electrical equipment, wire and cable, explosion-proof lighting appliances, pipes and mine bearing hardware, mine rubber, and other mining related products.

NEW WISDOM INVESTMENT LIMITED is an integrated enterprise, which focuses on brand, R&D, sales, production and supply chain. We specialized in producing LED miner's cap lights and charging devices etc. All products are of unique design, high tech and excellent quality. Several products performance indexes are in the leading position worldwide within the same industry. In the MINExpo2016, WISDOM will exhibit different kinds of cored and cordless miner's cap lamps, including models “KL4/5/8/12MS”,”KL5/8/12M”,”WISE LITE 2”,”LAMP3/4”. What worth mention is that models “WISE LITE 2” and “KL5M”have passed MSHA authentication. WISDOM lamps are one of the best miners cap lights in the world.