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Enterprise culture is the starting point and driving force of all members in a company. Standing, walking, sitting, lying down, clothing, food, lodging, transportation, ideological belief and behavior, all these summed together, reflect a company's enterprise culture.

- Tom

On July 22, 2014, Mr. Ding shared his understanding of enterprise culture with his colleagues in New Wisdom Investment Limited.

It has been almost 13 years, since our company established in 2002. Our goal, from the beginning of the establishment, even with only 1 person, is clear, is fairly clear, from the very beginning. During the past 13 years, we have gone through ups and downs, challenged by various hardships from time to time, and encountered a variety of opportunities, as well as temptations, however, our goal has never changed, never.

Then what is our goal? We want to create a world brand, we want to spread Chinese culture, and the third is about making money. That is our goal.

World brand sitting high above the ground, no one would associate it with us, considering such a long distance between us currently. Actually, it is that glorious, but not that remote from us. The world brand, in my understanding, with lofty halo, shinning so bright, but it is also concrete; it's about practice down to earth.

It's to put all that you think, no matter how big or small, into effect. Perfectly done, it would be a world brand.

So we everyone's thought, belief and behavior, are closely linked with, and can make a difference to our brand. Everyone's action, everything has contributed to our brand. Our clients are able to feel it, as they see our products, or experience our services, even without any contact. Enterprise culture, world brand, I think it is that.

To improve the image of our enterprise culture, promote our enterprise brand awareness and improve our credibility, all colleagues may enhance our training through the following aspects.

One aspect of which is through ideologies, beliefs, ideas and strategic height to enhance, recognize and understand our corporate goal, development direction and philosophy.

I think all colleagues should attach importance to our idea and goal, improve our cohesion and increase our synergies from strategic height and the highest point. Chief Xu had a meeting with us that day. Suddenly he asked us what our quality goal was; no one was able to answer him. I wanted to blurt the answer out,but he singed me not to say. As a result,no one was able to answer him. It was just a random inspection. Look,it is such a big gap. ISO obviously requires each of us to recite this quality guideline which is written behind our work card.

Therefore, the goal is extremely high and far, the gap is large as well. But the gap is not insurmountable. It can be changed as long as we recognize it through the ideology and attach importance to it from a strategic height. As long as everybody realize and improve through the thought, belief and consciousness. Change our mind immediately. Realize the enterprise connotation, concept, the breadth and depth culture idea from a strategic height. We are going to create a world brand, spread Chinese culture and implant it in the hearts of every employee.

In my opinion, there is no difference among us. We are equal and there is no distinction. We make strenuous efforts to our world-brand in different positions, different directions and angles as well as at different levels, of which are visible to us as well as our customers feel. It is the first point that we need unify the goal through thought and consciousness.

We have to do some benefits to the society.

We circulate the Chinese culture as a famous brand in the world. Defer to other companies WISDOM has do something significant and contribution for the society. Not only for the better welfare is it to pay more. If every Chinese people have such thoughts to contribute no matter big or not, we will make our life better, our society harmony, the revival of the Chinese nationality will be achieved soon. we get to know and understand our goal from belief and idea in the sense of strategies.

Secondly, we have to achieve our aim and idea through our action.

Personally, aware this idea and aim by thinking to realized this aim then take action to feel and put into practice. The only thing we must have to do is will be having further experience and comprehension.

The high buildings build up by clay, the thousand miles road start from step by step. So do it by myself by now by moment, to treasure currently. Since every details will be concerned with our contribution of brand and the culture of company, the contribution of company s culture also effect the china culture's circulating.

It's not only related to the culture of the company but also the people s healthy, the harmony of family, related to our friends and eventually to our companies, societies and countries.

Everyone is equal, that it is on our side. Alike there is not grade for the work but assignment, Action! May out of your expectations … is concerned to our health, families societies and country. You may not have awareness. It is you are not yet realized. Either a good thought or good idea could help society. so that we have to do right now and be serious to every small serious whatever it is. Yes, the brand of the world is created by this.

Thirdly, we should rethink and summarize the past. Also, our heart should be full of gratitude.

We have gained all kinds of welfare which is not easy for us. As a result, we need to rethink and summarize the past. Absolutely we have made mistakes, but it doesn't matter. After all, rethinking means progress, more or less. Even though we didn't know how to rethink and summarize yesterday, it's important for us to know what we can improve immediately, what we can improve gradually. Maybe our whole life will be changed from this moment, from this perspective.

There are a great number of opportunities in front of us. But we don't regard it as an opportunity because of lacking preparation. So, opportunities are always open to those who prepared for it.

To spread Chinese traditional culture, how should we do? Thirdly, it's crucial to rethink often. Looking at present situation, foreigners evaluate us the first of tourists and money spending, but to speak loudly, never wait in line, never pay attention to details and so on. Maybe you don't have this feeling, but you do stand for New Wisdom, New Wisdom Investment Limited, even China. Admitting or not doesn't matter. But we do need to rethink and check ourselves so that we can improve what we are lacking of.

It's uneasy for most people to face their own weaknesses. Mencius said, "Everyone has the heart of sympathy, the heart of shame, the heart of comity, the heart of distinguishing the right and wrong". In fact, everyone has the heart of shame, but we don't dare to face and admit our weaknesses which are frightening for us. The Great Learning said, "The honesty in the inner heart will be conveyed by your behavior". The weaknesses, which we don't face, actually appear outside. We must face our weaknesses.

Learning is about improving your thinking level; it is a certain concept should be paid attention to. Once we heard of learning, we have come up with sorts of excuses, for instance, too old to learn or eyes are badly working or even brains aren't working so quickly. I don't agree with this to some degree, it is not necessary that everyone's physics aren't working well when they are old. One report indicated that at least before sixty five years old, the brain is working in a growing way, and then stay even not in a down trend. It is a matter of concept that goes well with healthy and direct with it. This is what we should pay particular attention.

It is the limitation of time and huge range of knowledge and information that makes time so precious. Wow, the boom of information that is really unmanageable. How to do with it? It is worth looking into it and need intelligence. Therefore, there are many way to solve it.

Learning, working and our healthy life are not conflict, and can also work well in a harmony way.

I think one can keep pace with time if keep an eye on 50 pieces of news every day.

Besides scanning news information, it is also necessary to learn major professional knowledge, especially having a good knowledge of classic.

Spreading traditional Chinese culture is not just a dream and slogan. It is what reality really needs. We feel ought to learn classic.

I Ching: the Book of Changes enjoys a leading position in scriptures of Chinese culture. All the scriptures were originated from I Ching. Fu Xi had studied I Ching. Emperor Zhou Yi had written: The movement of heaven is full of power,thus a gentleman should constantly strive for self-improvement. The earth's condition is receptive devotion, thus a gentle man should hold the outer world with broad mind. This indicates the goals and the direction of our life. The Great Learning also stated that we should learn to thinking strategically - what kind of people we want to be in our life. That the I Ching said above has pointed out the general direction.

The first article in The Great Learning said: The way of the Great Learning lies in the enlightenment of brilliant virtues,the remolding of people, and the pursuit of ultimate goodness.

Enlightenment of brilliant virtues means learning, and then understand the method and the principle. After understanding the ways, we should take action, so how to practice? Remolding people. We should love the people, be close to the people, do good deeds, care about others, and concern about the society even country. But to what degree we should do in doing these? Ultimate goodness. What is ultimate goodness? It's perfection. We help others, which is good to society, country and environment. We make the action and the career perfect. This is the goal and direction of life.

So, we should meditate for what the purpose of living is. At first, we set up this new wisdom, which means we plan to create a world brand, in this way, we spread the Chinese culture. At that time, I could get no access to the classics, no chance to learn Chinese culture and no idea of these kinds of things, but I clearly knew these things, to be trustworthy, to keep promise, to take on responsibility. And they were the key essence of Chinese culture and had been infused in veins of every Chinese, in genes of each of us. No matter whether you realized or felt them, they remained existence.

In my opinion, it is highly important to be trustworthy in dealing with business. And that is the spirit of Chinese culture as well as the very direction to which we head to create the world brand. After I have read some classics, I definitely believe it, absolutely it is. Furthermore, it has an inseparable bond with our mental and physical habits, personal qualities, and the development of our company, nation, family and study. I have no doubt of it, some people talk about family trifles when they get home. However, I don't think I can do my job with my best efforts when I'm on duty. And that notion won't change wherever I go. I'm born to be Chinese and unwaveringly love my home country. Once I told my friends and relatives that there were times in our doing this had no business with that; times doing that had no business with that. In fact, we are unable to divide them and hard to do that. They are a whole; each of them stands for one aspect or a few of it. These cultures including Chinese culture, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, are difficult to explain. What we can explain is the use of these doctrines, mere a few aspects among the unlimited use of them. For example, each perfect action we take is the manifestation that approaches them. But apparently, that is not its true nature and noumenon.

It is nearly the same from improving self-discipline to knowing the nature of principle. I gave an example that is said thought can make everything in the past. In fact everyone could make everything by thought but no one know it, that is the same as people use it daily but know nothing about details from the book "Changes". In fact, you could make something but you don't realize it. One day I told them the ideas that everyone could make everything when Dongdong's classmate was available.

I said that Cao Cao, the person who is in the well-known book "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", had indicated the direction of forest when seeing his army is too exhausted to go forward, and then all the army had rushed passed. This is the typically example that thought could make everything. All the army's spirit is improved after Cao Cao made his thought work by telling them the direction, without using thing like plums.

Everyone could make it. For example, if you think that now you are standing in the most dangerous cliff, how do you feel? Now you could imagine, what feel? Afraid? Giddy or flustered? You want to retreat? Your legs tremble? I just only want u to imagine it. Your legs tremble just because your thought works and now you are safe to sit on the chair and you feel good because of the work of thought as well, that is what I said, we could find thought work everywhere but we don't realize it because we don't pay attention on it.

So our health will be improved once we keep focusing on the bright side of things. In that way, we will lead a better life. The key is you are sincere or not. Just as quoted in the Doctrine of the Mean, "Extreme Sincerity will work wonders, just like god." The most basic rule of sincerity is no self-deception. Just as quoted in the University, "Sincerity is no self-deception." The key is not lying to ourselves. We always fail to fulfill our promises. But it does not matter, what matters is that we should reflect ourselves and start leading to a right direction with fewer mistakes. Once the direction is right, even though we walk slowly, we still move forward, not backward. And please always remember that "Better Late than Never."

Just as mentioned above, "Every Coin has Two Sides."Most of time, we are just defeated by the difficulties. In fact, these difficulties are just paper tigers. If we face them bravely, they will just disappear. I believe that most people has such experience, namely, things seem terribly hard before we do it, buy after we finish it, we find it not hard at all. Why would we feel that way? The difficulty did not change, what changes is our attitude. Difficulty always chooses to bully the weak. Stronger attitude will overcome the difficulty. So overcoming your psychological disorder is the key of overcoming difficulties. And please always believe that the harder you work, the more you will get.

Being honest is much of importance so that we should not lie to ourselves but compete with ourselves. We should not compare ourselves with others, because everyone is unique in the world where people have different personalities, different background, different growing environment, even come from different countries. However, we must compete with ourselves, with our past in order to know whether we have improved or not.

As the saying goes, "Perception turns with the soul; whereas appearance springs from the heart." When you adjust your attitude properly and broaden your horizon, you will find that those so-called annoyance and troubles are gone.

We should turn ourselves into positive people by heart. You can see that everyone in our company including top management staff but also ordinary employee is in favor of learning. Manager Chen, manager Ding and me and other colleges all love learning. We can apply our knowledge and intelligence into every detail in our work.

We suggest you learn classics which have gone through thousands of years. Confucius said that he just reorganized them but did not create, which showed his humbleness. Yao, one of the five emperors in ancient times, was among the first to reorganize, which could be tracked back to 4,700 to 4,800 years. Of all classics reorganized by Confucius, the rite system of Zhou Dynasty was of main importance, which was traditional Chinese culture. Not long ago, I figured out some truth, that is, when we have abundant stock, we will be aware of etiquette; when we have ample food and clothing, we will be aware of honor and disgrace. Historically, we have been the most affluent country and the leader of economy. Only with wealth and talents can we pay attention to culture and etiquette. Mayan culture, ancient Greek culture, Egyptian culture, and Persian culture no longer exist, but traditional Chinese culture has been handed down by generations of generations, which is really beneficial to human's mental and physical health, and social development. So health starts from here, from learning Chinese culture.

The several aspects we have mentioned will help us promote our culture of mind and body comprehensively from ideology, practices, introspection and summary, and learning classics. As long as an individual improves himself, the company can be improved the same way.

Of all aspects mentioned, action is the most important.

In the Tao Te Ching, when smart people have heard the theory of Tao, they would put it into practice industriously; when average people have heard the theory of Tao, they would be doubtful about it; when superfluous people have heard about the theory of Tao, they would laugh at it, because if they don't, the theory cannot be called Tao.

One has to be industrious, and put himself into practice, because practice is the only way that one can enhance oneself. One has to learn, to feel, and to act at the same goal every day. One has to act industriously and devote himself to his work.

Thank you all, thank you!