Caledonia to build solar plant at Zimbabwe gold mine

( July 29th, 2020)

Edited By David Peng

Caledonia Mining (AIM: CMCL) announced plans to install a solar power plant at the Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe. Caledonia said in a press release that in order to continue the project, it has signed a sales agreement in which the proceeds will be used to build clean energy facilities. The decision was made after obtaining the power generation license and obtaining the necessary approval from the Zimbabwe Investment Authority. The company said it expects the solar power plant to create a more stable and reliable power source for operations. The proposed solar plant will provide approximately 30% of Blanket’s total electricity The media briefing stated: "This is an important step to prevent downtime loss and further reduce project risks." "The proposed solar power plant will meet 30% of Blanket's total electricity consumption within 24 hours (including night)."

The property is situated in the Gwanda Greenstone Belt, a typical Archaean greenstone-hosted gold deposit. The deposit is situated on the northwest limb of the Gwanda Greenstone Belt along strike from several other prominent gold deposits.  According to Caledonia Mining, Blanket is the largest producing mine in a belt which at one time had 268 operating mines.