WISDOM All-in-one Cap Lamp Accessories: Backpack Clip

Backpack Clip

Practical All-in-one Cap Lamp Accessory

Specially designed!
Extend the application field!

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Specially Designed

This backpack clip is a specially designed for WISDOM all-in-one cap lamps. There is slide control buckle on the backpack clip, which can fix backpack clip on backpack straps with various thickness through adjusting it. WISDOM designers have carefully taken into consideration that the backpack clip would slightly tilt in front of the body during use and the light beam of the cap lamp would also deviate from the forward direction. Therefore, an intilted design was made in the cap clip slot of the backpack clip, ensuring that the beam can be directed right in front of the body during use.

Backpack clip Front view of backpack clip Right-side view of backpack clip Right view of backpack clip Close-up view of backpack clip
Technical Specifications
  • Colour: Colorless clear
  • Measurement: 80*30*26.5 mm
  • Material: German Bayer PC
  • Parts: Slide control buckle, cap clip slot
  • Application method: 1) Adjust the slide control buckle to fix the backpack clip on the backpack strap, make sure it will not slide; 2) Fix the cap lamp clip of WISDOM lamp to the cap clip slot
Applicable Occasions
Climbing, hiking, adventure, camping, night fishing, facility maintenance, etc