WISDOM Multi-purpose Cap Lamp Accessories: Output Line

Output Line

Self-designed Magnetic Charging Connectors

Specially designed!
Extend the application field!

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Output Line
Magnetic Charging Connectors

This output line is specially designed for WISDOM multi-purpose cap lamps. Special magnetic materials are inserted between the connector of output line and WISDOM cap lamps. So users can exactly and firmly connect the output line with multi-purpose cap lamp as long as they put the magnetic connector near the charging interface. What a casual and time-saving widget! Meanwhile, the output line has various charging connectors, which is suitable for powering mobile devices like android, apple, etc.

Output line: Suitable for devices with different connectors Output line: Has various charging connectors Output line
Technical Specifications
  • Colour: White
  • Length (cable): 30 cm
  • Material: Magnetic connector
  • Parts: Magnetic interface, connecting cable, charging connector (Micro/Iphone5)
  • Application method: 1) Choose an output line with the matched charging connector, connect the magnetic interface with charging interface of all-in-one cap lamp; 2) Connect the other end (charging connector) with the mobile device that your are going to power (matching android, apple mobile phones, tablet PC, etc)
Applicable Occasions
Outdoor activity, travel, home, office, hotel, driving, etc and any moment that you need to power your mobile devices