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Rio Tinto bauxite, alumina and aluminum production surpassed expectations last year

(Fec 18, 2017)

Rio Tinto recently released bulletin shows that in 2016 bauxite, alumina and aluminum production surpassed expectations.

The bulletin shows that bauxite production in 2016 was 47.7 million tons, up from the target of 47 million tons in October 2016 and up 9 percent from 2015, It is reported that the output of Weipa and Gove mine have been stronger, last October, Rio Tinto adjust up its bauxite production target of 2016 from 45 million tons to 47 million tons.

Rio Tinto unchanged alumina and aluminum production targets that maintained at 7.8 million tons and 3.6 million tons. Rio Tinto said the annual production of the Weipa mine in Queensland, Australia, and the Gove mine in the northern region, both compiled a record that increased by 6 % and 21 % respectively.

The bulletin also shows that refinery production in Queensland grew 11% year-on-year, and the annual production of Jonquiere and Alumar refineries in Canada and Brazil also compiled a record. Rio Tinto alumina production reached 8.2 million tons, an increase of 5%. At the same time, Rio Tinto aluminum production in 2016 increased by 10% to 3.65 million tons.

It is reported that Rio Tinto recently set the production target in 2017, bauxite production is expected to 48 million tons to 50 million tons, alumina production is expected to 8 million tons to 820 million tons, aluminum production is expected to 3.5 million tons to 3.7 million tons.