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The largest iron ore field in the world

(Mar 21, 2018)

Currently, Brazil is the world’s largest iron ore exporter, exporting 2 tons of iron ore every year. Lagas is the world’s largest iron ore mine with a proven reserve of 72 billion tons, located in the northern Brazil state of Para. The ownership of the mine is owned by the Brazil mining giant Vale.

The iron ore is the most high quality iron ore resource, with its high grade characteristic, low content of alumina, little harmful impurity and good sintering performance. Carajas area is the most concentrated and richest distribution region of iron ore in the world, and the grade of iron is up to 66%. Also, other minerals was found there. Carajas area is not only rich in iron, manganese, copper, tin, aluminum, and even gold is also very rich.

Hematite is very rich, but it also contains a large hardness of the silicon mass, which is an overlayer of unenriched BIF. Carajas area known iron ore reserves of 180 tons, the average grade is 65.4%.

Open pit mining is used in the mine. The initial design capacity was only 35 million tons per year, but it was quickly expanded. There is a deepwater port in Saint Louis, Maranhao, the northeastern of Brazil, which can accommodate 280 thousand ton ships. And there is a 1.6 meter wide,890 km long railway between the port and the mine.

The mine also produces other mineral products: 17 million 600 thousand tons of iron ore pellets, 247 thousand and 900 tons of nickel, 9 million 100 thousand tons of bauxite, 4 million 300 thousand tons of alumina, 551 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum, 1 million 300 thousand tons of kaolin, and 2500 tons of cobalt.