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Why Is LED Miners Lamp Essential?

(May 04, 2017)

Mineral resources is an indispensable material for industrial development, after nearly a hundred years of development, mining industry technology has been very developed. The emergence of a variety of large-scale mining equipment makes the mine production efficiency greatly improved. Nevertheless, there is a tiny but essential mining equipment in a mine, that is, miner’s cap lamp. No matter the mine owner, senior management of the mine, or the front line of miners, they must equip with a mining cap lamp, as long as they want to enter underground mine. With the development of technology, the most advanced is the LED miner's cap lamp.

The so-called LED mining lamp is design for the field of industrial and mining, this kind of lamp has been indispensable because of its safety performances. Miner's lamp not only provide lighting for miners in the underground, but also provide security protection of their lives.

One of the most significant features of LED mining lamp is explosion-proof function. Construction in the mine is a very complicated process. In such an environment, if use ordinary lights, may lead to light burst, which is very dangerous. So a qualified LED mining lamp will generally have explosion-proof certification, like WISDOM mining cap lamp with MSHA approval and ATEX approval. What worth mention to buyers are that we should buy original miner’s cap lamp, for the security of miners’ lives.

Protection level is the second features of LED mining lamp. For LED mining lamp, it is generally required to IP65 protection level, but some high-quality miner's lamp can achieve a higher protection level. Such as the above mentioned WISDOM brand LED miner's lamp, reached the IP68 protection level, and it not only meets the requirements of the harsh working environment which needs dust-proof and water-proof, but also can use for diving.

The last basic features of LED mining lamp is its anti-corrosion level. If LED mining lamp meets anti-corrosion requirement in the complex underground environment, the construction team will feel very safe. And its longer service life will reduce the purchase cost.

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