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Short News in January, 2016

January 30, 2016

Clean factory, beautiful surrounding, full of traditional culture, friendly… are some comments from our visitors. WISDOM's door is always open to people who are interested in mining cap lamps, charging equipment, our technology, designs, culture, etc.
You can have an overview of WISDOM's environment from the following pictures.
WISDOM Office Environment #‎WisdomLamp‬

January 28, 2016

WISDOM Product Series
·Corded Cap Lamp: Traditional cap lamp, S series cap lamp;
·All-in-one Cap Lamp: All-in-one miner's cap lamp, Multi-purpose lamp;
·Certificated Series: USA MSHA, Chinese MA, European ATEX;
·Charging Device: Single charger, Charging rack ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 27, 2016

Application Range‬
With the features of explosion proof, super bright, super waterproof, light weight… and the practical accessories, WISDOM cap lamps are applied to various occasions, having really wide application range. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬‬

January 26, 2016

These days, Shenzhen witnesses the lowest temperature since the establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone: 1.7 ℃. And we just experienced the coldest weekend in Shenzhen with ice particles falling outside the window.
On Shenzhen peak - Wutong mountain, the recorded lowest temperature is only -3.8℃.
For people live in cities with warm winters every year, this is really a cold winter. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 25, 2016

Use WISDOM charging equipment to charge your WISDOM lamps
WISDOM charger and charging rack are specially designed for WISDOM cap lamps by selecting world's top parts and developing special circuit.
It is easy to burn the battery protection board inside cap lamps, if charging with other charging equipment that is not compatible. So, better use the matched WISDOM charger and charging rack to charge your lamps. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 23, 2016

Fake lamps not only badly affect WISDOM's brand, but also bring potential security danger to mining companies.
Ways to Protect End Customer's Benefit:
1. It is important to specify the brand WISDOM on a miner's lamp purchase order as well as the bill, no matter purchasing through which channels;
2. Report counterfeit manufacturers to WISDOM with the evidence if unfortunately purchased fake lamps. We will help vigorously to maintain customer's rights;
3. Learn how to spot a fake WISDOM product by reviewing this page: How to spot a fake and counterfeit ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 22, 2016

Product Feature - Fast charging‬‬
WISDOM products have the common feature of fast charging. With the application of top-quality materials in the world and specially designed circuit board, both WISDOM lamps and charging equipment have higher charging efficiency to save users' time.‬‬
For example:‬‬
It takes only 3 to 5 hours to fully charge a WISDOM all-in-one lamp; and only 6 hours to fully charge a corded miner's cap lamp with 12.4 Ah battery capacity with our intelligent charger or charging rack. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬‬‬

January 21, 2016

WISDOM received greeting cards from our customers. Thanks for the kind wishes and warm concern. We wish you a wonderful holiday and happy new year, too. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 20, 2016

Almost every part of WISDOM products are selected through very strict standards and tested many times. Customers who have used or tested our products are sure about the quality.
WISDOM products really bring good experience, good mood and convenience. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 18, 2016

China cave expedition in China's new exploration caves is supporting little Dorian. You are famous to us! Be brave, be strong! ‪#‎DStrong‬ ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬‬‬

January 18, 2016

Last Saturday, WISDOM families got together and had our annual meeting. We had a big meal, chat together and played lucky draw. Some lucky colleagues were chosen and got lucky money as prize. At the same time, everybody received a large pack of gifts as bonus for the new year. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬‬‬

January 16, 2016

Plastic Cap Clip‬
The original cap clip of all-in-one cap light is designed plastic to avoid friction with cap button that could cause fire or scratching any screens or surfaces when placing in bags. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬‬

January 15, 2016

Strength of All-in-One Design
WISDOM new generation mining cap lamps are designed in well sealed and non-disassembled all-in-one structure. This structure not only can free miner's hands better, has smaller size and lighter weight, the most important strength it has is super waterproof and stronger explosion protection. According to market feedback, all-in-one structure is gradually becoming the trend of future mining cap lamps. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 14, 2016

WISDOM made videos about company introduction, product introduction or manual, patent and certificate, customer and news. Watch the videos to know more about WISDOM in a more vivid way.

January 13, 2016

Firm Structure‬
The structure of WISDOM cap lamps is precisely designed. All plastic parts on them are made with original Bayer PC material imported from Germany which is bulletproof grade. Therefore, WISDOM cap lamps are able to realize the excellent performances like anti-fall, pressure proof, high temperature resistant, flame retardant and high transmittance. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬‬

January 12, 2016

Chinese Spring Festival is arriving in less than one month. As the most important festival to Chinese people in a year, people in all walks of life usually have a holiday of around one to four weeks. No matter where they are, the biggest wish deep in their heart is to get home and celebrate the festival with their family.‬
Except for wishing everybody a happy and healthy new year, we also have this little tip: place order and have the goods shipped before February, avoid being stucked during the holiday which lies in the first half of February this year. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬‬

January 11, 2016

Main features and performances of all Wisdom products:
Wisdom products are perfectly designed based on the pursuit of Safety, Comfort, Environmental Protection and Durability. They are usually commented as BEST IN THE INDUSTRY, high quality, stable, Recommended… Let's have a glance on their significant features and performances!

Main Features
Ergonomic design, Light weight, Small size, Super bright, Low color temperature, Wide light spot, Low repair rate;
Main Performances
Explosion proof, Anti-fall, Anti-compression, Dust proof, Diving, Anti high temperature, Anti flaming. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 9, 2016

WISDOM Accessory - Output Line
Output line is specially designed for WISDOM multi-purpose cap lamps. This little accessory helps realize the power bank function of WISDOM multi-purpose lamps.
Feature: 1) Magnetic charging connector;
2) Various charging connectors, matching android, apple mobile phones, tablet PC, etc.;
Purpose: Allow users to exactly and firmly connect the output line with multi-purpose cap lamp and power mobile devices with different charging connectors;
Applicable Occasions: Outdoor activity, travel, home, office, hotel, driving, etc. and any moment that you need to power your mobile devices. ‪#‎WisdomLamp

January 8, 2016

WISDOM Accessory - Bicycle Bracket
WISDOM all-in-one cap lights are frequently used as bicycle lights. As for how it is fixed on a bicycle, it relies on a small accessory - bicycle bracket.
Parts: A bracket, silicone rings with short and long diameters;
Function: Fix Wisdom all-in-one cap lights on bicycles;
Application Method: 1) Connect silicone ring with one end of the bracket; 2) Stretch the silicone ring, connect with the other end of the bracket across a fixture; 3) Insert the cap lamp clip to the interspace of the bracket;
Applicable Occasions: Cycling, off-road riding, riding adventure, night fishing, night reading and other custom situations. ‪#‎WisdomLamp

January 7, 2016

Value of Using Wisdom Cap Lamps
Miner's cap lamp takes very little among the whole mining equipment cost, however plays a very important part in safe production. So using safe and high-quality cap lamp is in a way equal to making extra income. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 6, 2016

Tom likes Chinese traditional culture. He always writes calligraphy and read classics when he has time. Therefore, Wisdom's vision is to create a world famous brand, to disseminate Chinese culture. Welcome to come to Wisdom and have an experience of our traditional culture. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 5, 2016

Familiar faces on a Mexican local mining magazine - Espacios De La Mineria. Hope these popular mining lamps can be known by more people and light the underground space for more miners. ‪#‎WisdomLamp‬

January 4, 2016

Hello 2016! Hi, friends! It is a new year - a new start. Let's create our new stories, be our new selves. Hope everybody have a prosperous, cheerful and fruitful 2016! #Hello2016 #WisdomLamp