WISDOM NWCR-60BL: High-efficiency Charger Rack


Cordless Lamp Locking Charging Rack

60 charging ports

Voltage range: 100~240V

Faster charging

Range of Application:
Lamp 6   Lamp 4   Lamp 3    WISE LITE 2

The Wisdom Locking charging system NWCR-60bl is a single sided locking charger rack with 60 charging ports. Each lamp charges independently with an LED per charge port to indicate charging or fully charged

WISDOM NWCR-60BL: front view

Faster charging

After applying the intelligent fast charging technology, the time to fully charge the lamp is much less than before. For WISDOM Lamp 3D, it takes only 3 hours to get full charge; while for Lamp 3A, about 5 hours is enough.

WISDOM NWCR-60BL side view

Higher efficiency, less heat

Compared with the past generations of the chargers, the charger PCB of NWCR-60BL is improved to be more efficient. Even charged in full power, it generates only a little heat.

Close-up of NWCR-60BL cordless lamp on Charger Rack 3

Wide range voltage

Voltage range of the AC power supply is: 100~240V
The wide range makes the charger applicable to specific voltage standard in all countries.


The charging rack is designed in accordance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). RoHS standard is strictly followed in the whole process, from choosing the material to designing the production technic.

cordless2 of NWCR-60BL Charger Rack

Technical specifications

Features NWCR-60BL Specifications
AC input 100~240 V ± 10%, 45.8A, 50~60 Hz
DC output voltage 4.80 V
DC output current 2000 mA
Size 191 × 177 × 43 cm; 75.2 x 69.7 x 16.9 in
Weight 296 kg; 652.57 lb