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  • Lights look very good! I am impressed with the packaging and the accessories that come with the lights. We have already made some sales and am waiting to get some feed back from customers. All is good and I am very happy with the supply and the product.
  • I am very satisfied with stability, the quality, design, packing, protection, it really meets our requirement, the service is more than our expected.
  • The price is very good considering the performance of the lights.
  • The price is ok, quality for the battery is ok also. People here know about wisdom brand as we use that a lot in 2007.
  • Our technical personnel are very impressive for the quality of your lamps.
  • We have received them and all looks good. Thanks! We will need to order some more shortly. Thanks again!
  • The quality and performance is above the rest.
  • Your product is excellent top-quality!
  • I have used mining lights for 30 years and your lights are THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY for several reasons.
  • We have completed all testing on the lamps and are very happy with the samples.
  • I am interested in going to be your dealer here in mexico, but at this moment i can′t make a big purchase, you know i am begining with the bussines, a long time ago i was working for NORTHERN LIGHT in canada and i learn to ensamble and disarm all the lamps, i know how fix it, check circuit, replace spare part damages and keep the lamps working. Now i want to try with your Brand because i know is a big quality ítem, and my customer like it.
  • Thanks for your honest words, we really appreciate very much. Since we are looking for long term business relationship, i agree with your words pretty much. Let's do some business first and then we can talk about this agreement.
  • Your new marketing literature is also excellent with very good photographs, and we are very pleased to see the progress your company is making both in terms of the products you make and the literature to promote them. We are very proud to be working with New Wisdom Investment to promote your products here in the UK and thank you for your continuing support.
  • Thank you for the samples which we received yesterday. Excellent packaging and presentation! We are preparing a marketing campaign here to promote this item.
  • Today arrived the lamps, thanks very much for your support, i am very glad about it, the lamps are exellent, i hope sale soon all them, i will try to make the next purchase soon, thanks very much again and we still in contact.
  • Since I left Sandvik in September this year and I have established my own company I am very interesting to work with (for) your company as sales representative for ex Yugoslav countries. Since I heard from my good friend who is your customer and director of the mine "Boksiti-Jajce" in Bosnia that your lamps are really good quality.
  • We have received the samples you have sent to us and we have also looked at it once already. So thank you again for sending them to us. We are really pleased.
  • I am a hard rock mining engineer with over 60 years underground experience, who has been using the Wisdom cordless lamp (NW24C9) since they were introduced. It has been the best lamp I've used underground, providing excellent lighting and durability. There has been no loss of effectiveness in approximately a year of use and it provides a much more effective light quality than any other lamp I have seen at any price.
    Recommended without reservations!
  • We received cap lamps on Nov. 18, 2014 and are evaluating samples. As I said before we used cap lamps about from 10 years ago and we check your cap lamps in our mines. I will inform you the result (I'm sure that wisdom cap lamps is best) and after visiting your company we will offer cap lamps.
    As you know many people may import cap lamps from some countries and sold in Iran. But it is better for us to buy cap lamps from your company (lower cost and higher quality).
  • Your product is best among the others, that is why every customer recommend good.
    We glad to work with you because we get less complains compare to other product from other supplier.
  • I only want to tell you that our guys here in India are using your lamps now. And they are all very satisfied with them. I have also given some samples to some Indian guys here and it was the same reaction there, I am quite sure that it will open up some more business opportunities.
  • It's our pleasure to us and thank you very much. We hope we will continue good partners and business transaction ahead.
  • I am really surprised and impressed of the lamps quality in comparison with our FASER lamps that we have here on stock your lamps are much much better.
  • We had to change to Wisdom because it's of high quality and stability is good compared with other brands. Miners were complaining about KOMBA that they were not lasting longer and they were not bright enough. After taking the samples, our client is very impressed and satisfied as a result they want to change all the cap lamps to Wisdom.
  • For the past eight years I have been using Wisdom mine lights and found them to be superior in both lighting and durability to anything else on the market.
    The school provides them with Kohler cordless lamps but the students are far more impressed with my Wisdom cordless. Most would like to buy one.