WISDOM Multi-purpose Lamp Accessories: Bicycle Bracket

Bicycle Bracket

Durable Multi-purpose Lamp Accessory

Specially designed!
Extend the application field!

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This bicycle bracket is a specially designed for WISDOM multi-purpose lamps. There are two silicone ring with different lengths, assort with the bracket. They can be applied to fixtures with different diameter. In the process of designing and producing silicone ring, we considered about these important points at the same time - elasticity, firmness and durability. After picking materials and several trial-productions, we ultimately determines the present model. Alongwith the fastness of cap lamp clip, the lamp and the bicycle looks just like a whole, no fear of bumpy and rough roads.

Bicycle Bracket Bicycle Bracket Bicycle Bracket Installation steps Fix multi-purpose lamp on the bicycle
Technical Specifications
  • Colour: colorless clear (bracket), black (silicone ring)
  • Measurement (bracket): 41.2*30*19.3 mm
  • Material: German Bayer PC, silica gel
  • Parts: bracket, silicone ring
  • Application method: 1) Connect silicone ring with one end of the bracket; 2) Stretch the silicone ring, connect with the other end of the bracket across a fixture; 3) Fix the cap lamp clip to the bracket
Applicable Occasions
Cycling, off-road riding, riding adventure, night fishing, night reading and other custom situations